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Seriesfecham, a very popular action sports webcast series in Brazil, was previously utilizing a service to host their show. As the series quickly grew in popularity, the producers decided that they needed to shift to a self-hosted website that was customized to fit their needs, as well as the personality of the webcast. They were looking for a highly manageable, blog-styled website that would allow them to post all of their current episodes, frequently upload new episodes, stream the live recordings and communicate with the live viewers. The producers also wanted the capability of adding new webcast series in the future as they are considering expanding their topics as their popularity continues to grow. Given the client need for a blog-style CMS and our expertise building WordPress powered web applications, we knew that we would have no trouble at all in making our clients dream a reality.


We decided that it would be the best method, across the board, to power this project with a custom WordPress build. This would allow us to set our client up with everything that they would require to fulfill their vision of a manageable, interactive webcast application. For the live streaming and chat room functionality, we set up station on the client’s server where the client is able to log in and have full control over the event through a separate admin panel.

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