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Action Creations CEO on GloboNews

In May, our CEO, Demian Borba was interviewed by GloboNews during BlackBerry World in Orlando, where he discussed mobile development, AIR and the Surf Vote mobile application that we developed for ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals):

At the conference, data was presented showing the number
of applications available in each platform market:
- The iPhone leads the way with 365,108 apps
- Android takes second with 238,089
- The iPad comes in at 99,052 apps
- And the BlackBerry market with 37,176 applications

The full video can be viewed below:

Developing the ASP Surf Vote App

Have you ever considered the idea of building a mobile application but then became intimidated by the idea of the cost and time it would take for you to effectively prepare your product for a multitude of mobile devices?

Here at Action Creations, one solution to this dilemma is through developing mobile applications with AIR, using the packager in Adobe Flash. With this approach, you can use the same engine in ActionScript 3.0 (same code) and export different file types targeting different mobile platforms (iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS), as opposed to developing for each platform’s native language. Doing this saves both time and money while producing the same, consistent end result across platforms.


Latest Version

In this article, we will share with you the process we followed to meet this challenge.
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Paranoid Clown {Video}

A great step for Action Creations in 2010 was the production of a video clip for the band Paranoid Clown, recorded and edited in Brazil by Derick Borba.

“We had little time for this work, we set the backdrop and recorded all the images in just one day and a half. For this film, we created a set design and costumes based on stories by Tim Burton and the result was a beautiful video.”

The video entitled THE ROSE AND THE BUM, had over 10 thousand hits in a few days and it’s rising.

Thanks to everyone involved in this video.