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AVA Brazil was started by a Brazilian surfer living here in the United States. With a great amount of experience dealing in the distribution of sunglasses in Brazil, they eventually partnered with a traditional Brazilian eye-wear company that has been serving the industry for more than ten years.
AVA Brazil wanted a simple eCommerce website for their product launch in the US. They also wanted a very modern design to match the sporty look and feel of their product, as well as a CMS functionality with the ability to update products and post content in a news feed.


Considering our client’s need for both a news feed and overall CMS functionality, we decided it would be the best option to build the website in WordPress. We incorporated a few Flash features for interactivity, as well as created fall-backs for users without Flash enabled devices. For the shopping cart solution, it worked out best for us to simply connect to a PayPal shopping cart. Since our client is relatively new to the US market and has a limited amount of products available, this was the most cost-effective option for them.

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