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ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) is the governing body of professional surfing. Crowning the world champions of surfing over 31 years, they sanction the following tours: ASP World Tour (consisting of the ASP World Title Race, the ASP PRIME events and the ASP Star events), ASP Women’s World Tour, ASP World Longboard Tour and ASP World Junior Tour.

To 2011 ASP World Tour, they envisioned an interactive mobile application where viewers could get involved by rating their favorite surfers’ heats and communicating with the commentators. ASP wanted a simple but visually appealing way of voting for the competing surfers. They also anticipated having the information from their competition (such as judges scores and current heats) be updated dynamically and frequently.

ASP came to us with their vision of an application for the upcoming ASP World Tour – a set of events that reaches over 4 million viewers. A viewership of this size required us to develop an application that would be available to as many mobile platforms as possible.


With mobile app development, developing cross-platforms with an effective development strategy is crucial. After much thought, we decided that the most cost and time effective approach to targeting the widest range of mobile platforms would be to build the application using the packager in Adobe Flash. This method allows us to build the application with one technology/language and then export that file to the various platforms, saving both time and money while producing the same, consistent end result.
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