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Action Creations wins the AT&T’s Hackathon in Las Vegas during CES (videos)

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Demian Borba injured his finger while surfing in San Diego, and never thought that one week later his puffy, red finger would inspire an idea for the widely recognized mobile application, “Action X-Ray.”

Demian, CEO of interactive agency Action Creations, and his Lead Developer, Douglas Saisho, decided to travel to Las Vegas to compete in the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, hosted during CES 2012 in January. While driving from San Diego to Las Vegas, Demian and Doug brainstormed ideas for an app that could run on AT&T’s new mHealth APIs. After seeing so many friends posting their injuries on Facebook, Twitter (and being proud of them), Demian looked down at his swollen finger and was inspired to create an application that would allow users to report and share their physical injuries with friends and doctors via text, photo, video and voice. “It will help doctors better understand your health over time,” explains Demian, “and you can also save how much it hurts.”

The AT&T Hackathon invited mobile app developers to a day-long developing session where they were given free access to AT&T’s new APIs, as well as guidance and expertise from AT&T’s app development experts. The top three teams, selected at the end of the session, were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to about 3,000 developers during AT&T’s Application Developer Summit the following day.

Demian describes the Hackathon environment as intense and competitive. “It’s about 150 developers sitting in a room together, typing all day long.” Despite the pressure, Demian and Doug were able to finish writing the app in the given time, and “Action X-Ray” was voted the winner of the Hackathon by votes from attendees of the Developer Summit. Demian and Doug took home $20,000 cash and an opportunity to spend three days at an AT&T Foundry to access additional coaching and resources, among other prizes.

The Action Creations team says they will use their earnings to invest in “Action X-Ray” production, and use the assistance from AT&T to bring the app to market. “I think we can say we’re good at it”, Demian said. “We’re going to keep doing it.”

For the 1st Place the team received:
• $20k Cash Prize
• Featured in AT&T TV commercial
• Video Interview with Andrew Keen posted on TechCrunch
• Six (6) month membership in Alpha API program where we help setup networking events where you get to rub elbows with significant peers
• Three (3) days of AT&T Foundry business and technical support
• One month feature in AT&T Promotional Widget (platform dependent)
• “Back-Stage” meet and greet with Developer Summit Band Nickelback
• Microsoft Xbox 360 + Kinect for the entire team

Big thanks

Big thanks to our families and friends for the constant support, for AT&T for putting together an amazing hackathon, to RIM (BlackBerry) for believing in our team and providing great support, to Adobe for working so hard on AIR and to FDT for creating an amazing IDE that made our coding speed get incredibly fast. Thanks to everyone who believed in Action Creations no matter what, we did it!

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Video #1: Hackathon Summary

Video #2: Demian Borba Full Pitch to 3000 developers

Video #3: AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega announces the winner

Video #4: Developers at the Hackathon

Video #5: Interview for

Video #6: Winners interview for

Video #7: TV Interview on NBC Universal SD

We hope to see you soon at our Adobe Camp Brazil 2012 Hackathon!

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  1. says:

    It was an amazing experience!

  2. Paula Kedouk says:

    Parabéns Action! Vitória mais que merecida. Desejo sucesso SEMPRE!

  3. Igor Costa says:

    Awesome to see some brazilians make success out there.
    Congrats to you Demian and Douglas, awesome win!

    Keep the boots up.

  4. You are the man Demian! A simple, useful, desirable app. I wish the best for you and your team at Action!

  5. Eduardo Toledano says:

    *SO* proud of this team! Congrats Doug and Demian, you rock! You came with a great idea for an app and delivered in a few hours. Amazing!

  6. Colt Solano says:

    Congratulations to Action Creations! Your hardwork and dedication definitely paid off!

  7. Gustavo says:

    Fantastic Demian, congratz man! very good!

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